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Business as a force for good.

Ripples of Hope empowers leaders to do more good through curriculum and community.

Make a positive impact.

Ripples of Hope (Ripples) is a non-profit organization that accelerates the healthy, meaningful growth of organizations that believe business should be a force for good. 

Through community, programming, and mentorship, you'll unify your organization around a Purpose, Vision, Tenets, and Values (PVTV) system. You'll articulate long-term goals, build high-functioning teams, and implement proven management processes. Together, we are incubating the lasting growth of high-impact organizations and inspiring others.

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Over two years and four modules, you will articulate your purpose and goals, build your teams, and learn proven management processes.


Grow as part of this energetic community. You’ll join other passionate leaders dedicated to using business as a force for good.

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A family meal


Delight in a good meal and conversation about the challenges and opportunities our leaders face as they grow their businesses.

Ripples participants are growth-oriented, generous, and inspired to make a bigger, better impact. 

"I loved being with the group and of course, learning about the two extraordinary organizations. What incredible leaders! And I loved the candid wise insights shared by the attendees!"

Ann Cox Cramer - Cox Curry Associates

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Ripples of Hope is for growth-minded leaders who want to accelerate their impact through business best practices and connections with generous, proven leaders.